Oriental Persimmons in MS

A group of USDA-ARS researchers in Poplarville recently completed a study looking at how oriental persimmon cultivars did in Stone County, MS.   Below is the abstract from the paper that was published at the end of last year.

“The oriental persimmon is native to China and is best adapted to areas with moderate winters and relatively mild summers. However, because of its low chilling requirement, persimmons will break dormancy during early warm periods only to be damaged by spring frosts later. This study was initiated to determine suitable cultivars for the gulf coast region. ‘Hana Fuyu’ was greatly affected by a freeze event. ‘Fuyu Imoto’ and ‘Matsumoto’ had numerous smaller fruit and were less affected by freeze events. Results indicated that persimmon cultivars are available that would be a good addition to growers who would like to diversify their fruit selection in the southern U.S.”

This was published in the International Journal of Fruit Science by D. Marshall, N. Edwards, J.M. Spiers, S. Stringer, and J.D. Spiers.


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