March Figs Anyone?

This information comes from Dr. Wayne Porter in Meridian.

The early warm spell has started figs to grow. Don’t panic if you are seeing small figs on your trees already.  In this photo are some ‘breba’ figs.  ‘Breba’ figs are born on last year’s wood and appear early in the spring.  Brown Turkey and Black Mission varieties often produce ‘breba’ crops. They may or may not mature into edible figs.  The smaller one in the photo will most likely fall off but the larger one is about 1 and 1/2 inches long already.  Its future depends on the weather.

'Breba' crop on a fig

'Breba' crop on a fig

Breba figs are usually of inferior quality to the later figs.  Some great information on figs can be found here:


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