Fasciated Canes in Blackberry

Sometimes things just grow in a strange manner and just why that occurs is not well understood.  An example of this is fasciation.  Fasciation can be caused by many things, including diseases and environment.  But usually, we just don’t know what causes it.  Fasciation is defined as something that is abnormally flattened or coalesced.  This phenomenon occurs in many plants.  It can happen to the plant itself or to the fruit.  Below is an example of this fasciation in blackberry.

Fasciated Blackberry Cane

Fasciated Blackberry Cane

A fasciated cane exhibits abnormal growth.  Notice how the cane is flattened.  This was a primocane, so we did not see any flowers or fruit on it and we removed it as a precaution that it would be unlikely to produce fruit.  The ultimate cause of this is unknown in blackberries.  In fact, not much is known about it at all.  Typically environment is blamed for its manifestation.


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