Agenda (and more) of the Upcoming 2012 Mississippi Blueberry Growers Field Day

If you are interested in attending the 2012 Mississippi Blueberry Growers Field Day check out the agenda below and the attached information that includes registration details.  Hope to see you there.

Blueberry Growers Field Day& Trade Show
Giles Farm
Wayne County, MS
October 11, 2012
8:00 AM Registration
Trade show open 8:00 AM till 5:00 PM
8:30 Welcome – Jerry Hutto
Welcome and Farm Overview – Tom and John Giles
Blueberry Varieties and Farm Management Techniques – Ken Patterson,
Island Grove Agricultural Products

9:00 Blueberry Harvesters –
Oxbo Harvesters – Brian Foote
Littau Harvesters – Brian Thompson
BEI Harvesters – Max Lint
Mckibben Harvester – Jeff Mckibben

9:25 Packing Facility and Grading Equipment Overview
Post-Harvest Handling of Blueberry Fruit – Tom and John Giles
A&B Packing Equipment – Shannon Williams
WECO Sorting and Automation – Eric Holder
Lakewood Process Machinery – Shaun Harcourt
BBC Color and Soft Sorters – Bernie Newton
Mckibben Equipment – Jeff Mckibben

10:00 Blueberry Harvester & Pruning – Butch Rhoton, Brewt Power System

10:10 Wind Machines for Frost Control – Dave Harmening, Cascade Wind

10:15 Blueberry Irrigation
Poly Drip Irrigation – Mike Goree
Irrigation Mart – Mike Pippin

10:30 visit with Exhibitors

12:00 Lunch and visit with Exhibitors

1:00 PM Farm Tour
Field Tour, Packing Facility Tour, Harvester Demonstrations, Wind Machine
Demonstrations, Pruning Demonstrations, Irrigation Workshops

Trade show open all afternoon – Blueberry supplies and related products on display with
expert advice on usage and availability

Mississippi Blueberry Growers Field Day and Trade Show


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