The Vineyard Doctor

Do you have a vineyard but can’t diagnose what’s wrong with your leaves (or fruit or vines, etc)?  Well, the Doctor is in.  A new website from the eXtension Grape Community of Practice and Texas AgriLife Extension Service is called the Vineyard Doctor.  The Vineyard Doctor is an interactive tool to assist with diagnosis of grapevine problems.

How does the diagnostic process work?

  1. Make careful observations of the problem on your grapevines.
  2. Try to determine the symptoms that seem to be associated with the problem.
  3. Click Begin the Diagnosis and select the part of the vine where you have observed the symptoms.
  4. The Vineyard Doctor will guide you through a series of illustrated menu choices to help you describe the symptoms you observed.
  5. The Vineyard Doctor will develop a list of potential problems that may be causing the symptoms.
  6. Each potential problem is described with a Problem Profile that may further assist with problem identification.
  7. The Vineyard Doctor recommends additional actions to confirm the diagnosis or to continue the investigation.

Click here to check out the Vineyard Doctor (  As with many websites, new information is being added continually.  Soon we hope to have a smartphone app ready to go so that you can get a diagnosis and a recommendation for control of the problem all while still in the vineyard!  A must have.  When this happens I will give an update here.


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