Addressing The Top Pests of Mississippi Blueberries

There are many pests of blueberries in Mississippi; however, most of them are easily controlled or do not create an economic amount of damage.  For many years blueberries in Mississippi have been grown with little pest control inputs, especially Rabbiteye blueberries.  This past year, 2012, initiated a whole different problem — Spotted Wing Drosophila.  We believe the pest has been here for some time, but perhaps it was the mild winter that allowed its populations to explode.  Many growers complained of its damage — mainly leaky berries.  The issue is, “How do we control it?”  A simple question, with a not-so-simple answer.  So, Mississippi State University-Extension Service and the USDA-ARS have teamed together to put on a workshop for growers to learn about this insect and potential control measures.  Other pests, Exobasidium and Xylella will be addressed as well.  The workshop is open to anyone, not just blueberry growers, who wants to learn about these pests.  The Gulf South Blueberry Growers Association has also been generous enough to bring in a couple of outside speakers — Dr. Oscar Liburd from the University of Florida and Sam Erwin from Superb Horticulture in Indiana.  See the information below for details and please pass it along to anyone who will find it useful.

MS Emerging Pest Workshop 2013

MS Emerging Pest Workshop 2013


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