Spotted Wing Drosophila life cycle, infestation and control methods in Blueberries

Dr. Oscar Liburd is a Professor of fruit and vegetable entomology at the University of Florida. Before arriving in Florida in August 2001, Dr. Liburd was an Assistant Professor at Michigan State University from 1999-2001.  He has received numerous awards including the Entomological Society of America, Southeastern Branch award for “Excellence in  IPM” and Florida Entomological Society award for ‘Entomologist of the Year’. His area of expertise includes IPM and organic pest management in small fruits (blueberries, strawberries, blackberries and grapes) and vegetables (leafy vegetables, cucurbits, tomatoes and peppers).   His Research goals are to study the behavior, ecology, and management of key fruit and vegetable pests common to north-central Florida and develop IPM programs for small farmers in the area.  He is also active in SWD research and extension throughout the Southeastern U.S.

IPM of spotted wing drosophila, O. Liburd

IPM of spotted wing drosophila, O. Liburd

To view the entire presentation as a pdf, please click here: IPM of spotted wing drosophila by O. Liburd


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