Chill Hours 2015-2016

Many temperate fruit plants have a chill requirement in order to come out of dormancy and grow and fruit normally in the following spring.  In our case, a chill hour is defined as each hour below 45 F.  These are added together to get the number of chill hours.  Some fruit plants can have a high chill hour requirement (like some apples, cherries, etc.), whereas others can be low to none (some peaches, blueberries, grapes, etc.).  Texas A&M has a good explanation of chill accumulation.  We follow the model as described by University of Georgia for blueberries.

Recently I found this website that allows for self-calculation of chill hours based on Weather Underground sites ( It is easy to use, but I cannot speak to the veracity of the information received. When I tried it at two different locations where I knew the current chill hours it seems to overestimate one and underestimate the other, but to be fair the sites from which the data were coming were different. If nothing else it gives you ballpark figures.

Chill hours for the current season (October 1, 2015- April 1, 2016) will be posted here as I receive them (usually on Tuesday of each week – counties with be added as they accumulate their first chill hours).  Past years will be added as I can get them together and posted as pdf links.

Date County(Cumulative Hours)

10-21 Lee (31)

10-28 Lee (32)

11-3 Lee (34)

11-10 Lee (36)

11-17 Lee (71)

11-24 Lee (145); Wayne (46)

12-1 Lee (157); Wayne (53)

12-8 Lee (252); Wayne (95)

12-15 Lee (259); Wayne (104)

12-22 Wayne (138)

12-29 Lee (330); Wayne (138)

1-5 Copiah (212); Lee (448); Wayne (197)

1-12 Lee (537); Wayne (257)

1-19 Copiah (374); Lee (733); Wayne (318)

1-26 Copiah (456); Lee (810); Wayne (394)

2-2 Copiah (506); Lee (899); Wayne (433)

2-9 Copiah (586); Lee (982); Wayne (502)

2-16 Lee (1087); Wayne (548)

2-23 Copiah (648); Lee (1133); Wayne (561)

3-1 Copiah (694); Lee (1206); Wayne (593)

3-8 Copiah (709); Lee (1255)

3-15 Lee (1255)

3-22 Lee (1295)

3-29 Lee (1315)

Past years:

Chill hours 2000-2001

Chill hours 2001-2002

Chill hours 2002-2003

Chill hours 2003-2004

Chill hours 2004-2005

Chill hours 2005-2006

Chill hours 2006-2007

Chill hours 2007-2008

Chill Hours 2010-2011

Chill Hours 2011-2012

Chill hours 2012-2013

Chill Hours 2014-2015

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      • I am. I’m in southwest Mississippi but I don’t want to just do muscadine if at all. I want to bring something new to the area. Franklin county was a dry county until January 2017 so I want to give this a go with unique branding. My personal email is if you would send me some info and who I’m talking to exactly ( even a first name) what grape would you look into exactly and then what can 3 acres hold and yield? Thanks

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